Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 17 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Part 2 - The Map

Chapter 1 - Generals

Section 1 - Kinds and variables

A barrier is a kind of thing. A barrier can be either allowing or forbidding. A barrier is usually forbidding.

A thing can be known or unknown. A thing is usually unknown.

After examining something for the first time:

now the noun is known.

A thing can be extended or retracted. A thing is usually retracted.

A thing can be charged or depleted. A thing is usually depleted.

A thing can be parallel_shaped or plus_shaped or minus_shaped. A thing is usually parallel_shaped.

A backdrop can be switched off or switched on.

A room can be commented or uncommented. A room is usually uncommented.

A room can be travelled or untravelled. A room is usually untravelled.

A plaster door is a kind of door. A plaster door can be working or broken. The description is "A plaster door. No handle, no window." Understand "plaster/door" as a plaster door. A plaster door is usually scenery. Understand "doors" as the plural of plaster door. A plaster door is usually open and openable.

Instead of opening or closing a broken plaster door, say "There is no power. This door can't be operated."

Instead of opening a working plaster door, say "You get near the door and it opens, retracting in the ceiling. As you step back the door returns to its original position[first time]. You can pass through and it will open automatically[only]."

Instead of closing a working plaster door, say "The door seems closed already."

Instead of pushing or pulling or turning a plaster door, try opening the noun instead.