Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 19 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Chapter 2 - The Beginning

Section 1 - The Shore

The Shore is a room. "Korhos is setting. Its outer halo burns with no warmth. Loud waves splash on the sand half a dozen meters from your feet. The deep blue of the ocean steals a bit of the sky's orange glow.[paragraph break]The morning is brilliant." It is in Vacation House.

After looking when in the Shore for the first time, say "From the south, a thunderstorm is approaching.[paragraph break][italic type][bracket]First time players should type ABOUT or HELP for some important stuff about Interactive Fiction and this game[close bracket][roman type][paragraph break]".

Instead of outpointing when in the Shore, say "You could go anywhere, but you prefer it here, just for the sights."

Instead of going nowhere from the Shore, try outpointing.

The sand is scenery in the Shore. The description is "Kilometers of white sand, running east-west as long as your eyes can see." Understand "beach" as the sand.

Instead of shoveling the sand, say "You get on your knees and start digging a hole in the sand. You soon reach the water below and stop, watching as it starts devouring your work.[paragraph break]Soon, the hole is filled anew and disappears."

Instead of digging when in the Shore, try shoveling the sand.

Instead of taking the sand, say "You fill your palm with sand, then watch it disappear between your fingers."

Instead of touching the sand, try taking the sand.