Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 4 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 3 - Rules and out-of-world behaviors

Rule for printing the banner text when the player is not in In_Hyero: do nothing.

Rule for deciding whether all includes scenery: it does not.

Use no scoring.

Instead of taking inventory:

say "You're carrying [a list of things carried by the player][if the player wears something]. You are wearing [a list of things worn by the player][end if]."

Understand "credits" as asking for help.

[The examine devices rule is not listed in any rulebook. ---SHIZZORS---.]

[Rule for constructing the status line:

center "[location]" at row 1;

rule succeeds.]

Rule for printing a parser error when the latest parser error is the I beg your pardon error: say "[one of]You stare into your void existence[or]You pause for a moment[or]Right[or]I see[purely at random]."