Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 22 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 2 - A thorn on the side of the giant

Stuck_Hyero is a room. "[first time]The Hyerotrope has collapsed into the giant structure, punching through it like a wrecking ball.[paragraph break][only]You are standing in total darkness, apart from a faint, azure light flickering through a hole that opens east through a bush of exploded metal[first time].[Paragraph break]A crumpled, alien wreckage lies at your feet[only]." The printed name is "Stuck on the Side of the Giant".

Instead of listening when in Stuck_Hyero, say "You can only hear your heart pounding."

Instead of smelling when in Stuck_Hyero, say "You can only get your own scent."

After going east from Stuck_Hyero for the first time:

now the printed name of Stuck_Hyero is "Inside the Crashed Hyerotrope";

try looking;

say "[italic type]What is this place? It looks like... a space station?[roman type][paragraph break]".

The secondhyerotrope is a backdrop in Stuck_Hyero. The description is "The perfect demisphere in which you stand is half of the star traveling machine you used to escape Judgement Day on your home planet, Monarch.[paragraph break]The Hyerotrope's walls sustained heavy damage and now seem to be perfectly dark from the outside, and from the inside also. You can see nothing, apart from a faint azure light coming in from the gap to the east." Understand "sphere/raft/hyerotrope/wrecking/ball" as the secondhyerotrope.

Instead of touching the secondhyerotrope, say "It is completely inert."

The giant structure is a backdrop in Stuck_Hyero. The description is "[first time]The mass of the gargantuan relict, which half-torus shape must be [italic type]kilometers[roman type] across, has served as a powerful gravitational mass, pulling the hyerotrope into its side. [only]The curvature of its surface spans so wide you are barely aware of it. It is completely black[if the Electricity is switched off] apart from a series of shiny dots in its side. They look like aligned windows[end if]." Understand "side/ship/spaceship/dots/windows/shiny/torus/half-torus" as the giant structure.

Instead of touching or pushing or pulling the giant structure, say "You can enter it to the east."

The metal bush is scenery in Stuck_Hyero. Understand "hole/exploded" as the metal bush. The description is "It is where the Hyerotrope collapsed on the side of the giant structure. The sheer strength of the impact made it explode like popcorn."

Instead of entering the metal bush, try going east.

Instead of exiting when in Stuck_Hyero, try going east.

The azure light is scenery in the Stuck_Hyero. The description is "It is flickering fast, like an old fluorescent lamp." Understand "faint/fluorescent/lamp/flickering/strobing" as the azure light.

Instead of doing something other than examining the azure light, say "It is insubstantial as any other kind of light."