Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 24 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 4 - The High Corridor(s)

High Corridor is northeast of Low_corr_SE. "[First time]The space widens in all directions. [only]The bigger tunnel in which you stand is a replica of the lower ones, starting southwest of here. Same environment, except for different proportions. The ceiling is at least ten meters above you, and the wormhole is equally wide. To the south, it clogs into a strange valve, like an intestine curtain of steel. To the east and northeast, two glass paneled doors open into similar, sterile rooms. The high corridor continues to the north." It is in the Dark Corridors.

The steel valve is south of the High Corridor. It is a door. It is closed and openable. Understand "strange/curtain/shutter/lamina/laminas/intestine/sphincter" as the steel valve. The description is "It looks like a camera's shutter. Several two meter long laminas intersect to form an air-tight valve. It is now [if closed]closed, concealing its destination[else]open, revealing a vast room beyond[end if].[paragraph break]On the side of the valve is a lever." It is scenery.

Instead of opening or closing the steel valve, say "The massive valve must be operated by the lever on its side, you suppose."

The lever is part of the steel valve. It is a forbidding barrier.

Instead of switching on or switching off the lever, try pulling the lever.

Instead of pushing or turning the lever, try pulling the lever.

Instead of pulling the lever:

if the Electricity is switched off:

say "You pull the lever but the valve only shifts a little, while the dim light in the corridor gets dimmer[first time]. Maybe it needs more power[only].";

else if the steel valve is charged:

say "There is no more power. The valve will stay shut.";


if the steel valve is closed:

say "The valve opens with effort. In a few seconds the next room is visible beyond its mouth.";

now the steel valve is open;


say "The valve closes with a crackling noise.";

now the steel valve is closed.

High_corr_N is north of High Corridor. "[First time]Another portion of the same tunnel. Your eyes start to get used to the dim light and round shapes. [only]The steel wormhole continues north into a wide chamber, and runs south into its next section. Lights flicker dimly[first time], seemingly powered by vanishing batteries[only]. To the east, a bulky shutter [if the bulky shutter is closed]stands closed[otherwise]opens onto a freezing compartment[end if]. To the southwest[if the glass panel is closed], beyond a glass panel,[end if] is a dimly lit room, with strange machinery on the inside." It is in the Dark Corridors. The printed name is "High Corridor".

The bulky shutter is east of High_corr_N. It is a door. It is closed. It is scenery. "A bulky shutter, ten meters tall, [if open]opening into a vast freezing chamber[otherwise]tightly serrated[end if]. It must weigh a ton. On the side of the shutter is a big, round button."

The big round button is part of the bulky shutter.

Instead of touching or pushing the big round button:

if the white jumpsuit is charged:

say "There is no power, nothing happens.";

stop the action;

else if the bulky shutter is closed:

say "With a fierce sound, the shutter lifts to the open position.";

now the bulky shutter is open;

stop the action;

say "The bulky shutter slowly closes back to the ground.";

now the bulky shutter is closed.

Instead of opening or closing or taking the bulky shutter, say "[first time]You struggle with the shutter for a while, then understand it is too heavy to be operated by hand. [only]Maybe the button on its side will do the job."

The glass panel is southwest of High_corr_N. It is a door. It is closed. It is scenery. The description is "[if closed]It looks like a darkened wall of glass. You can see through it[otherwise]The glass panel is fully retracted into the wall[end if]." Understand "darkened/dark/opaque/wall" as the glass panel. It is not apparent.

Instead of searching the glass panel:

if the glass panel is open:

try examining the glass panel;


say "Beyond the glass wall you stare [if the player is in the High_corr_N]into an octagonal room. At its center, a massive device takes most of the space. Several holes open on its sides. Some strange cylindrical objects pop out of the device while others rest scattered around[otherwise]into the high corridor[end if].".

Instead of opening or closing the glass panel, say "There's no evident way to open that door. If it [italic type]is[roman type] a door, anyway."

Instead of attacking the glass panel with something, try attacking the glass panel.

Instead of attacking the glass panel, say "The glass seems sturdy enough to resist any kind of blow."

Some objects_from_the_corridor are scenery in the High_corr_N. They are ambiguously plural. Understand "object/objects/machine/machinery/device/holes/hole/devices/side/sides/cylindrical/cylinder/cylinders/scattered/massive" as the objects_from_the_corridor. The description is "[if the glass panel is closed]You can just guess the shape from this side of the darkened glass[otherwise]It is the set of devices you found in the power control room[end if]."

Instead of doing something except examining to the objects_from_the_corridor, say "[if the glass panel is closed]They are beyond the glass panel, unreachable[otherwise]You must enter the power control room to interact with those[end if]."

After going south from the High Corridor:

if the lever is forbidding:

say "You step into the big chamber.[paragraph break]Light fills the room, and it's light from the stars. You check the giant dome and your eyes widen in awe.[paragraph break]The sound of your own heart is like hammering thunder, the drums of the gods.";

pause the game;

now the player wears the Shore_Clothes;

remove the Space_Clothes from play;

now everything carried by the player is in Fake_Inventory;

now Uncle Oren is in the Porch;

now the player is in Porch;

now the lever is allowing;

now the glass of water is carried by Uncle Oren;


continue the action.