Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 31 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 2 - Oren, again

Instead of talking to Uncle Oren for the sixth time:

say "'So,' Oren asks, 'do [italic type]you[roman type] believe in afterlife?'[paragraph break]You stare at him. 'I... I don't know.'[paragraph break]Oren takes a look at Grey Cape, to the west. Some gulls are circling its southernmost rock. 'I don't, either. But... all of this, all this universe. Wouldn't it feel a bit [italic type]wasted[roman type] if it was there just for us?'";

now the speech_count of Uncle Oren is 0.

Instead of talking to Uncle Oren for the seventh time:

say "'Well,' you argue, 'every minute is a treasure, they say. A show can be pretty interesting even if it lasts only a second. You know, some elementary particles['] lives are so short...'[paragraph break]'Don't lecture me, reg,' Oren interrupts you. A smile cuts his face in two. 'I was a scientist and a teacher [italic type]ages[roman type] before you. What I mean is: Is this show just for us? Apart from how long it lasts -- or how long [italic type]we[roman type] last -- don't you think it would deserve a better audience?'[paragraph break]You cough. 'Are you talking about... other, more... durable, intelligent life forms?'[paragraph break]'I am,' he says.";

now the speech_count of Uncle Oren is 0.

Instead of talking to Uncle Oren for the eighth time:

say "'So that the show wouldn't require an afterlife...'[paragraph break]'Indeed.'[paragraph break]You laugh. 'So you'd rather believe in aliens than in Heavens.'[paragraph break]'We don't [italic type]need[roman type] Heavens. And thinking that Big Mama Kohr is there just for our own, miserable eyes is showing incredible arrogance.'[paragraph break]'You'd feel at home with Andy and Marion. They are believers. I stay well in my arrogant shoes.'[paragraph break]'[italic type]We are the only ones.[roman type] That's what is written on the first Mechanostation ever built. Arrogant. And foolish.'";

now the speech_count of Uncle Oren is 0.

Instead of talking to Uncle Oren for the ninth time:

say "'Oren, I don't want to [italic type]lecture[roman type] you, but... There isn't and there never has been any proof of another single life form in the known part of the galaxy. And that's a very [italic type]large[roman type] amount of space.'[paragraph break]Oren laughs. He raises his glass in front of your eyes and looks through. 'Let's imagine,' he says, 'that we filled this glass with water from the sea. Now, you can easily see we caught no fish in it, right?'[paragraph break]You nod, silently.[paragraph break]'So: would you [italic type]dare[roman type] say, given the glass is empty, that there are no fish in the [italic type]ocean[roman type]?'";

now the speech_count of Uncle Oren is 0.

Instead of talking to Uncle Oren for the tenth time:

say "'The universe is so big, a galaxy is like a sand grain in a beach compared to it. We live -- what? -- eighty years? We've been around for -- how much? -- three thousand years? Four? Ten? Korh has been cold for at least ten [italic type]billion[roman type] years. The stars can judge, Ektor, not us. We can only hope their legacy, the legacy of the stars, will be soft on us. [']Cause we just don't compare.'[paragraph break]He takes a fair gulp from the glass, then puts it back on the table. His eyes wander again towards the impending thunderstorm.[paragraph break]'By Fat,' he laughs, in the end. 'Using your measuring method, if we caught something in here, we'd say that was the biggest fish in the sea. But the sea is endless, Ektor,' he smiles. 'The sea can host such awesome creatures that won't even fit this glass. Squids, sharks...'";

now the speech_count of Uncle Oren is 0;

pause the game;

remove the Shore_Clothes from play;

now the player wears the Space_Clothes;

now everything inside the Fake_inventory is carried by the player;

say "[italic type]...Whales. There are [roman type]whales[italic type] floating in space[roman type].";

the fishes escape in four turns from now;

move the player to Observatory Room;

record "The Fisher" as achieved.