Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 33 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 2 - The Clogged Railway

The Clogged Railway is northeast of the Observatory Room. "The narrow corridor comes to a halt where it has been devoured by a large gaping hole, opening to the north under your feet. The hole continues up and to the southeast, from where it must have originated. A pair of now useless rails departs from here and falls into the darkness before you[first time].[paragraph break]The sight reminds you too easily of the devouring grounds that were left from the train wreck in which your ordeal started. It lacks the flames and the smoke, but it really is a twin scene.[paragraph break][italic type]What has happened here, [roman type]you wonder, looking into the gaping hole. Then, you turn to face up, and the sight of the open sky catches your heartbeat for a second[only]."

The gaping hole is scenery in the Clogged Railway. The description is "The hole has been dug by something, quite big, punching through the metal boundaries of the structure you are in. Below, it plunges into darkness. Above, a hundred meters away, it opens into the emptiness of space[first time].[paragraph break][italic type]There should be no air here, [roman type]you shiver. [italic type]How in Monarch can I breathe?[roman type][paragraph break]As usual, only the deepest silence answers[only]." Understand "gape/large/sky/open" as the gaping hole.

Instead of entering the gaping hole, say "That would mean falling to death."

Instead of climbing the gaping hole, say "The opening is too high up above your head."

Instead of facing up when in the Clogged Railway, try examining the gaping hole.

Some useless railways are scenery in the Clogged Railway. The description is "They still spark with electricity. They lead nowhere, though." Understand "pair/railway/rail/rails/tracks/track" as the useless railways.

Instead of touching or pushing or pulling or taking the useless railways, say "You may be electrocuted to death."

Instead of jumping when in the Clogged Railway, try entering the gaping hole.