Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 36 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 5 - The Second Station

The Second Station is a room. "In here[first time], as in the other specular location,[only] rails depart into several holes that plunge into darkness. A set of secondary tunnels leaves from the north and northeast while, to the west, a much larger highway is lit by a strong flashing strobe.[first time][paragraph break]To get here, the wagon has traveled for at least fifteen minutes.[paragraph break][italic type]How big is this place,[roman type] you ask yourself. [italic type]And how many people lived here?[roman type][only]"

Every turn when the wagon is in the Second station for the first time:

record "The X Marks the Spot" as achieved.

Some dark_tunnels2 are scenery in the Second Station. The description is "The tunnels leave the room in every direction. Some are closed, others are open but horribly dark." Understand "rails/railways/holes/bulkheads" as the dark_tunnels2. The printed name is "dark tunnels".

Instead of entering or climbing the dark_tunnels2, say "They are way out of reach."

Instead of inserting something into the dark_tunnels2, say "The nearest ones are closed. The rest is too far to reach."

The highway is scenery in the Second Station. The description is "It looks like a three-lanes highway, leaving the station to the west. A strong light fills it." Understand "strobe/light/lane/lanes/three" as the highway.