Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 37 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 6 - The Chess Room

The Chess Room is northeast from the Second Station. "[first time]After a while, and along a narrow, dimly lit tunnel, you find yourself in a rather peculiar environment.[paragraph break][only]This six-sided room reminds you of the chess training grounds in which you used to spend your spare time during your first years in Brouguoise, before they hired you at the University of Monarch: The size, roughly the same; the white, featureless walls -- a sort of dramatic fashion of the times in which the Campus was built; the plain, cold light that fills the place. But most of all, what strikes you as a perfect mimic is the object filling the center of the room."

Some chess players are fixed in place in the Chess Room. "Two men, seated and facing each other, play a game around a six-sided table, in an everlasting match." The description is "They are made of stone[if the strange statue is known], statues of the same kind you found in that corridor[end if]. Sitting, immobile, staring at the center of the table, in a replica of a very slow, endless game of chess[if LOGAN is switched off][first time].[paragraph break]You begin wondering. [italic type]What has happened to these people? Is this really a sculpture or...?[roman type][paragraph break]As an answer, you hear a faint beep coming from the north[only][end if]." Understand "two/man/men/match/statues/fossil/fossils/statue/player/game/object/stone/hesld/ttscy" as the chess players.

The six-sided table is part of the chess players. The description is "Made from plastic, this six-sided table was a console of sorts. Now, the buttons are rusted, broken, and the arms of the two chess players have melted into it, making of the three an inseparable trio." Understand "button/buttons/console" as the six-sided table.