Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 40 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 9 - Commanders Quarters

The Commanders Quarters is north of the north door. "Another hexagonal room, this time with just one exit, leading south through a plaster door. The room is exceptionally blank, as a sort of minimalistic museum." The printed name is "Commanders['] Quarters".

Before going to the Commanders Quarters, say "The plaster door opens as you get near it and closes after you."

In the Commanders Quarters is a glass table. It is fixed in place. "In the center of the room, a six-sided glass table takes most of the space. [If the glass table is depleted]The surface is crystal-clean, a mocking at the passing of time[else]On the glass table, a holographic representation of an unknown portion of the universe is circling around its axis[end if]." The description is "[if the glass table is depleted]It is a clean -- astonishingly clean -- table made from glass. Light refracts on the perfect surface. It must have some use, but you cannot fathom what that might be[else]On the table, a 3D rendering of a mass of[first time]...[only] galaxies is rotating slowly, showing distances you cannot even try and calculate[end if]." Understand "surface/clean/crystal-clean/holographic/projector" as the glass table.

Instead of searching or looking under the glass table, say "The glass table is rather transparent and hides no secret."

Instead of pulling or pushing or turning the glass table, say "It is fastened to the floor."

Instead of putting something on the glass table, say "This doesn't look like your personal litter deposit. It looks like some sort of technical device, instead."

Instead of inserting something into the glass table, try putting the noun on the glass table.

The universe hologram is scenery. Understand "3d/space/galaxy/galaxies/rendering/representation/portion/circling/amassment/rotating/mass/projection/holographic/map" as the universe hologram. The description is "The pattern described by the holographic representation [if the universe hologram is depleted]is indeed something you are quite sure of having seen before[else]is a truncated cuboctahedron. On each of the vertices, you imagine a Hyerotrope holding its due place in the universe's final act[end if]."

Before examining the universe hologram for the first time:

say "You check the distances represented in the hologram and your mind gets numb for a second or two.[paragraph break]'These are galaxies,' you say to yourself. 'It's an amassment of [italic type]galaxies[roman type], this one'.[paragraph break]LOGAN intercepts your amazement.[paragraph break]'LOGAN://This is sector Alpha Tau Beta of the universe (as deciphered by navigational coordinates extracted from the golden sample you showed to LOGAN). It contains both [bold type]Neulan[roman type] and [bold type]Andromeda[roman type] galaxies, plus a number between two and three-thousand other galaxies. The bit of space depicted is but a portion of the one theorized by Neulanean scientists. Also, you may want to note that some of the galaxies -- whose brilliance, by what you call the [italic type]apparent magnitude[roman type], is higher than 4.0 -- produce themselves in a rather elegant [bold type]pattern[roman type]."

Before examining the glass table when LOGAN is knowing:

if the glass table is depleted:

say "LOGAN://'This is the 3D mapper the [bold type]Commanders[roman type] used to calculate travel routes and to analyze the surrounding space. It is a rather large scope preview. Do you want me to operate it?'[paragraph break]You nod.[paragraph break]After a brief warm-up, the glass table comes to life, and a bright hologram pops up over it.";

now the glass table is charged;

now the universe hologram is in the Commanders Quarters.

Before switching on the glass table when LOGAN is knowing, try examining the glass table instead.