Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 6 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 5 - The player's appearance

Instead of examining the player, say "[player_looks]."

Understand "ektor/mastiff" as yourself.

To say player_looks:

if the player is in the Vacation House:

say "Shirt untucked from the shorts, just one button holding it closed. No shoes. And you forgot the belt at home";

else if the player is in the Terrace:

say "You feel tired but rather strong anyway. It is the adrenaline rush that came from knowing you are on a sort of a mission";


say "You look battered and tired, but at least you're still alive. Although it doesn't make a lot of sense, lately[if the player is wearing the white jumpsuit]. You are wearing a white jumpsuit[end if]".