Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 42 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 11 - Through Belmont and Keller(s)

Belmont is west of Second Station. The printed name is "Through Belmont and Keller". "[First time]As you enter the brilliant avenue of steel and plaster, you are choked with panic.[paragraph break]The wide tunnel is an unbelievably perfect replica of a place you know far too well. The curving ceiling, the polished walls, the shining lights that strobe in your eyes: All is coming at you from the recent past, from your last steps into what you once dared call civilization.[paragraph break][only]This looks like the section of highway that dives under the Garath Sea, west of Brouguoise and back home in Capital Monarch, to all the people in town known as 'Belmont and Keller', after the avenues it runs through. No cars, no traffic and no toll booth, but all the rest is here, replicated tile-by-tile[first time].[paragraph break]It takes you about three minutes to recover from the shock. After that, memories of a gone world start tumbling in your forehead like a cascade of freezing water.[paragraph break][Italic type]Gone[roman type], you sigh. [italic type]Gone. Gone. Gone[roman type][only]." It is in BelKel.

The bars gate is a door. It is west of Belmont. "[if closed]A giant gate, several bars lining up like matches in a box, blocks the way to the west, where the tunnel continues[else]The bars of the gate are lifted and now stick into the ceiling like a giant's teeth[end if]." The description is "Sturdy steel bars, [if closed]closing your way to the other side[else]now partly retracted into the ceiling[end if]."

Instead of opening or closing or pushing or pulling or taking the bars gate, say "Each of the bars is ten centimeters wide and can easily survive an explosion. You must find some other way to operate it."

Instead of entering the bars gate, say "There is not enough space between the bars."

Instead of taking the bars gate:

if emergency measures terminal is charged:

say "Oh! That is not the kind of bars you need to activate the self-destruction.";


say "The bars are fitted into the walls and ceiling of the tunnel.".

Instead of answering LOGAN that "gate/bars" when LOGAN is knowing:

if the bars gate is closed:

try asking LOGAN to try opening the bars gate;


try asking LOGAN to try closing the bars gate.

Keller is west of the bars gate. The Printed name is "Through Belmont and Keller, other side of the gate". "The tunnel runs east to west, into [if MouthWhale is visited]the docks of the ship[else]a very big chamber[end if]." It is in BelKel.