Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 46 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Chapter 6 - A Place in the Universe

Section 1 - The Reliquary

The Reliquary is a room. The printed name is "The Reliquary". "[First time]There is a place, in your heart, where you are sure all the grievous moments will play a ghastly rehearsal for the rest of the life you still have to live. A place where the same striking images follow one after the other as a sort of stop-motion nightmare with just three frames.[paragraph break]The first one is the earth opening beneath your feet and devouring your world. The second, the very moment you unknowingly said goodbye to Andy and to everything you had.[paragraph break]The third is now flickering in your face as a film about to burn.[paragraph break][only]A dark, metal-plated room. The ceiling ten meters above. The floor a matrix of ebony-colored tiles. A cave, you might call it. A cave of the soul."

The vessel is an open enterable container in the Reliquary. It is fixed in place. "[first time]And then a sphere: [only]A dark, shiny sphere [first time]-- your enemy, your nemesis -- [only]breathing slowly in the east side of the room, its thousand luminescent tentacles strangling reality and changing it at its will.[paragraph break]The Hyerotrope, the end of all life.[paragraph break]Half buried in the ground, [first time]as per the first time you met each other in the fiery depths of drowning Monarch, [only]its four dots are blinking in the dark." Understand "hyerotrope/sphere/dark/shiny/enemy/nemesis/door/opening" as the vessel. The printed name is "Hyerotrope". The description is "The Hyerotrope has sunk into the ground far more than the one you discovered in the depths of Monarch. A door is open on its side, half hidden by the floor but still enterable to the east. Four red dots line up above the opening, eyes you cannot inquire."

Instead of touching or pushing or pulling or turning the vessel, say "You touch the Hyerotrope. You can feel it breathe."

Instead of opening or closing the vessel, say "You know how it works. Just enter it and the Hyerotrope will welcome you."

Instead of attacking the vessel, say "LOGAN://'I understand your frustration, but this is really your only option for leaving thins ship.'"

Instead of attacking the vessel with something, try attacking the vessel.

Some dots are part of the vessel. The description is "The four dots are all lit. This means the Hyerotrope is alive and kicking." Understand "light/blinking/half/buried/four/4" as the dots.

Some thousand luminescent tentacles are part of the vessel. The description is "A maze of tiny canyons depart from the Hyerotrope and cuts its way into the floor and walls of the room. Its light is cyanotic and cold." Understand "canyons/light/cyanotic/cold/maze" as the thousand luminescent tentacles.

Instead of touching the thousand luminescent tentacles, say "The light is cold but unsubstantial."

Instead of entering the vessel, try going east.

After going east from the Reliquary:

say "As you would expect, the Hyerotrope door opens around you and lets you in.";

continue the action.

Before going inside while in the Reliquary, try going east instead.

Every turn when the pod is in the Reliquary for the first time:

record "Flying the Egg" as achieved.