Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 47 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 2 - Inside the vessel

In_Vessel is east from the Reliquary. The printed name is "Inside the Vessel". "The translucent walls of this Hyerotrope are no different from any others you have seen. The half-sphere in which you stand is empty and static.[first time][paragraph break]LOGAN://'The [bold type]corruption[roman type] has gone too far. The [bold type]vessel[roman type] is trapped in the floor of the ship.'[only]"

Every turn when the player is in In_Vessel:

if In_Vessel is untravelled:

say "You check the walls of the Hyerotrope, but there is no reaction from them.[paragraph break]LOGAN://'It seems you are stuck here, Ektor Mastiff. I'm sorry to inform you that the omega [bold type]supernova[roman type] will be reaching the [bold type]Arcadia[roman type] in less than three hours.'[paragraph break]You shrug.[paragraph break][italic type]Whatever the route I take, what will be the difference? World's gone. The damn galaxy is gone. And it won't stop here. It will devour everything. Where can I go? And what for?[roman type][paragraph break]LOGAN://'Although -- there could be a way. One last trick...'[paragraph break][paragraph break]But you are not listening. In your mind, and in your eyes, there is only one image...";

now In_Vessel is travelled;

now the erudition of LOGAN is 0;

pause the game;

now everything worn by the player is in Fourth_Inventory;

now everything carried by the player is in Third_Inventory;

now the player wears the Uni_Clothes;

now the player carries the Report to the Council;

now the player is in the Terrace.

Before exiting while in In_Vessel, try going west instead.