Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 48 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 3 - Beyond the Horizon

The Terrace is a room. "The thin air of the evening is picking at you, leaned against the rail of the balcony, shoulders tossed at the first darkness in ages."

Instead of outpointing when in the Terrace, say "You will be going tomorrow, towards the Campus and the Scientific Committee. Now it's better here than anywhere else in the world."

Instead of going nowhere from the Terrace, try outpointing.

The balcony is scenery in the Terrace. The description is "From up here you can send a glance all over Monarch City. The view would have been impressive even without this astonishing night." Understand "terrace/rail/banister/rails" as the balcony.

Instead of climbing or entering the balcony, say "There will be time to die tomorrow."

The night is scenery in the Terrace. Understand "darkness/sky/stars/universe" as the night. The description is "So many stars. You -- who have always stood with your feet on the soil of Monarch -- wonder how it would be to travel through them."

Instead of doing anything except examining to the night, say "The night doesn't notice you."

The Monarch_city is scenery in the Terrace. Understand "monarch/capital/city/town/light/lights/thousand" as Monarch_city. The description is "The city goes on forever, until the curve of the horizon or the ocean puts an end to its travels. There are thousands of lights, shining more than the stars themselves." The printed name is "town".

Instead of doing anything except examining to Monarch_city, say "Too vast to do anything but contemplate."

Instead of smelling when in the Terrace, say "Up here the stench of traffic is gone. The freshness of the night is invigorating."

Instead of facing south when in the Terrace, try examining the balcony.

Instead of listening when in the Terrace, say "The noise of the city is but a buzz, up here."

Instead of jumping when in the terrace, say "The rails of the balcony are not tall enough to ensure a safe landing. Keep your feet on the ground."