Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 50 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 5 - Engaging the Self-destruction sequence

The emergency measures terminal is a thing. It is fixed in place. "One of the desks near the giant screen is open, revealing a lit terminal." The description is "The console is made of a lot of senseless keys and symbols. One larger button is glowing green.[first time][paragraph break]LOGAN://'If you find any difficulties engaging the right [bold type]sequence[roman type], ask me and I will help produce it for you.'[only]". Understand "console/lit/senseless/keys/symbols/desk/21b" as the emergency measures terminal.

The large green button is part of the emergency measures terminal. Understand "glowing/larger" as the large green button.

After printing the locale description of the Forebridge when the Forebridge is travelled:

say "LOGAN://'To engage the [bold type]self-destruction[roman type] sequence you have to activate the emergency measures at console 21b. Let me show it to you.'[paragraph break]A second later, a terminal comes out from one of the desks.";

now the emergency measures terminal is in the Forebridge;

now the Forebridge is untravelled;

if the Forebridge is uncommented:

now the forebridge is commented.

Instead of answering LOGAN that "sequence" when LOGAN is knowing:

if the location is not the Forebridge:

say "LOGAN://'You should access the Forebridge in order to engage the [bold type]sequence[roman type].'";

else if the emergency measures terminal is charged:

say "The self-destruction sequence has already been engaged. You must find a way to start the reaction.";

else if the big screen is charged:

say "LOGAN has already activated the procedure. It's your turn to do something meaningful.";


say "LOGAN://'Oh, yes, of course. You don't understand Neulanean. Let me trigger the sequence for you. When I'm done, simply press the large, green button to engage it.'[paragraph break]All of a sudden, the big screen on the wall turns to life, and a series of mysterious symbols start filling it. After a while, the symbols are replaced by the blueprint of the Arcadia.";

now the big screen is charged;

deactivate the Table of Sequence Hints;

now the description of the big screen is "The Arcadia is showing itself on the big screen. A set of tiny dots stipples the blueprint following an invisible line that cuts the ship in two.[first time][paragraph break]Just by chance you discover a strange little drawing in the bottom part of the blueprint. It looks like a hundred-legged spider. When you understand what it is -- and the proportions with the rest of the ship -- you gasp.[paragraph break]'That's the train station,' you whisper, prompting a comment from LOGAN.[paragraph break]LOGAN://'Quite [bold type]big[roman type], right, Ektor Mastiff?'[only]".

Instead of pushing the large green button:

If the big screen is depleted:

say "You press the button, but nothing obvious happens.";

else if the emergency measures terminal is charged:

say "The self-destruction sequence has already been engaged. You must find a way to start the reaction.";


say "The blueprint on the screen is suddenly filled with rays, tracing routes and schemes. After a while the show ends... and nothing happens. You look at the screen, puzzled.[paragraph break]LOGAN://'This is interesting. The sequence won't start. The [bold type]core[roman type] bars are depleted, I guess. I'm sorry, Ektor Mastiff, but this I couldn't foresee: the bars are kept in a place where my sensors can't enter. This has been designed this way so I wouldn't be able to destroy the [bold type]Arcadia[roman type] without human agency.'";

now the emergency measures terminal is charged;

activate the Table of Bars Hints;

now the Clogged Railway is travelled;

record "Sinking the Ship" as achieved.