Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 51 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 6 - Finding the broken bars (talk about luck, huh?)

After printing the locale description of the Clogged Railway when the Clogged Railway is travelled:

say "LOGAN://'The chamber you seek is right below this point. You can try and go down from here. Just be extremely careful.'";

now the Clogged Railway is untravelled;

now the Radio is apparent;

if the Clogged Railway is uncommented:

now the Clogged Railway is commented.

Before going down from the Clogged Railway:

if the emergency measures terminal is not charged:

say "The hole seems quite dangerous. You wouldn't try a stunt without some reasonable goal.";

stop the action.

The Radio is down from the Clogged Railway. The printed name is "Radioactive Bars Containment Chamber". It is not apparent. "[first time]The tunnel dug through torn metal and broken laminas opens after a while into a sort of alcove.[paragraph break][only]Hidden under layers of lead and plastics, this cubic room seems to be a vault for protecting some highly valuable equipment. The only exit is via a rip above your head: There's no sign of another door[first time] and you puzzle at how one could have entered the place before the ravagings of time opened a way[only]."

The bars holder is fixed in place in the Radio. "Near the rip that cuts through the room, a double y-shaped holder has been pierced through by some unknown object. Although the holder itself has survived the crash: the same cannot be said of the bar that once rested on it, now reduced to mere powder." It is a supporter. Understand "double/y/y-shaped/shaped" as the bars holder.

The destroyed bar is scenery in the Radio. Understand "powder" as the destroyed bar. The description is "The bar has been rendered into powder by the crash and by time."

Instead of doing something other than examining to the destroyed bar, say "The destroyed bar is reduced to powder."

Instead of putting something on the bars holder, say "The holder won't support it. It can fit just one perfect replica of the bar now disintegrated at its feet."

Instead of putting the translucid bar on the holder:

say "The bar perfectly balances on the holder. Nothing happens, though, so you get the bar back.[first time][paragraph break]LOGAN://'The bar you are holding is depleted. You need to [bold type]charge[roman type] it to use it here.'[only]";

now the Observatory Room is travelled;

activate the Table of Charging Hints.

Instead of inserting something into the bars holder, try putting the noun on the bars holder.