Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 55 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 10 - The AI Hub

Worst Tunnels is south of the hatch. "This must be the filthiest part of the ship. Rust covers the walls and water condenses on the surfaces, dripping and pouring from every other hole. The tunnel crawls south, but is interrupted by another big chasm, now flooded and impassable."

Rust_water is scenery in Worst Tunnels. The printed name is "rust". Understand "decaying/decay/web/cold/rivers/rust/water/condensed/dripping/pouring/surface/hole/holes/drops" as the Rust_water. The description is "Some massive flooding must have occurred here, not that much time ago. Enough, though, for the water to take possession of the ship and convert it into decaying rust and a web of cold rivers."

Instead of touching or taking or pushing or pulling the Rust_water, say "Through the suit, you can only guess the outcome of your test."

A flooded_tunnel is scenery in the Worst Tunnels. The printed name is "flooded tunnel". Understand "flood/flooded/tunnel/chasm/big" as the flooded_tunnel. The description is "The quantity of water is enormous. You can only guess where it comes from."

Instead of entering the flooded_tunnel, say "No way. The suit would make swimming hard and you would be pulled down."

Before going south when in the Worst Tunnels:

try entering the flooded_tunnel instead.

A sparkling crack is a door. It is east of the Worst Tunnels. It is open. "A sparkling crack is open on the [if the player is in the Worst Tunnels]east[otherwise]west[end if] wall." The description is "The crack is wide enough to let you pass through."

Instead of opening the sparkling crack, say "The crack is wide enough to let you pass."

Instead of closing the sparkling crack, say "There is no way of doing that."


The Air Duct is east of the sparkling crack. "A wide channel, starting here and moving southwest down a very steep ramp[first time]. You are not sure you would be able to get back here, once you fell down[only]."

Before going down when in the Air Duct, try going southwest instead.

Before going southwest from the Air Duct, say "You slide down the chute, falling for a long minute. After a while the duct ends and you are jettisoned into..."