Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 57 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 12 - Escaping the nightmare

Before going east from the Reliquary:

if the white jumpsuit is charged:

say "You take a last glance at the Arcadia and turn to face your nemesis.[paragraph break][italic type]What are you? Friend? Foe? Or is this computer right, you just don't care?[roman type][paragraph break]LOGAN://'The supernova is about to reach the ship, Ektor Mastiff. I suggest you hurry up.'[paragraph break]'Goodbye, LOGAN,' you frown. 'And thank you for helping me out.'[paragraph break]LOGAN://'It has been a pleasure, more than a duty. Talking to someone was interesting, after all this time alone. Have a good trip... and don't forget to write!'[paragraph break]You take one last, deep breath, then jump into the welcoming Hyerotrope. You wonder where it will take you and puzzle at how your story will go on.[paragraph break]What you are sure of, though, is that it will be a hell of a ride.";

pause the game;

present the end titles;

say "[Bold type]Lone Ship[roman type][paragraph break]The Monarch system is shrinking. It is now just a tiny dot, glaring and glittering in the emptiness of space.[paragraph break]They told you there were more, out there: other planets, other civilizations, other galaxies. They couldn't tell, though, how much deep space divides one from the other. How much time.[paragraph break]You are distracted by a dark spot, in the emptiness of your voyage, lingering beyond the boundaries of Andromeda. [italic type]What is it?[roman type] you puzzle. Then, a blinding explosion suffocates your sight. A hundred sequential blasts paint the dark shape red, then yellow, then white. And all of a sudden, the sky is black again.[paragraph break]There is just that... small round object, running from the explosion like a speeding bullet.[paragraph break][italic type]Could it be that...?[roman type][paragraph break]";

say "'We are reaching our destination,' the old man says. 'Brace yourself, [']cause this is goin['] to be strong.'[paragraph break]The dark, silent presence turns and you can finally see its eyes looking at you.[paragraph break][paragraph break]Staring. Like the four red eyes of a devil.";

record "Survivor" as achieved;

if the countdown of the white jumpsuit is 1:

record "Gettare Rinors" as achieved;

if the player carries the cpu_backup:

record "The Saviour" as achieved;

[deactivate the Table of Ending Hints;]

end the story finally saying "You are among the stars".