Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 64 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Chapter 3 - Interacting with LOGAN

Section 1 - Physical Behaviours and Regular Verbs

Instead of doing something to LOGAN when LOGAN is stupid, say "I don't know what you are referring to."

Instead of doing something to LOGAN when LOGAN is not knowing, try talking to LOGAN.

Instead of taking LOGAN, say "You don't seem to understand the magnitude of the being[first time]. LOGAN is almost as big as the giant structure itself. It is everywhere and there's no need to move it around[only]."

Instead of pushing or pulling LOGAN, try taking LOGAN.

Instead of entering or climbing LOGAN, say "We can assume you are in LOGAN at the moment."

Instead of getting off LOGAN, say "There's no way of quitting the device that you know of[first time].[paragraph break][Italic Type][bracket]Note: typing QUIT now will not save the day[close bracket][Roman type][only]."

Instead of looking under LOGAN, say "Under LOGAN you find the rest of the universe."

Instead of searching LOGAN, say "The whole structure is LOGAN. It would take time. Way too much time."

Instead of consulting LOGAN about something, try asking LOGAN about the topic understood.

Instead of switching on or switching off LOGAN, say "LOGAN is completely autonomous in that matter."

Instead of opening LOGAN, say "LOGAN refuses to be eviscerated."

Instead of closing LOGAN, try getting off LOGAN.

Instead of attacking LOGAN for the first time, say "LOGAN could easily jettison you in space. I'd try and use violence on far smaller antagonists."

Instead of attacking LOGAN:

say "As unambiguously foreshadowed, LOGAN uses its pneumatic devices to jettison you in space.";

record "A Space Odyssey" as achieved;

end the game in death.

Instead of attacking LOGAN with something, try attacking LOGAN.

Instead of burning LOGAN, try attacking LOGAN.

Instead of cutting LOGAN, try attacking LOGAN.

Instead of kissing LOGAN, say "LOGAN is flattered."

Instead of touching LOGAN, say "LOGAN://'You are teasing me.'"

Instead of tasting or drinking LOGAN, try touching LOGAN.

Instead of listening to LOGAN, try talking to LOGAN.

Instead of smelling LOGAN, try smelling.