Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 67 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 4 - Talking in Rooms, Logan Responses

Instead of talking to LOGAN when the player is in a Room listed in the Table of Room Hints and LOGAN is knowing:

say "LOGAN://'[Hint entry].'".

Instead of talking to LOGAN, say "LOGAN://'I have no comments for this place, sorry. If you want you can SHOW things to me or ASK me ABOUT anything you want.'"

Instead of answering LOGAN that "location/room/here/place" when LOGAN is knowing, try talking to LOGAN.

Table of Room Hints

Chess Room"This is the main control room for the commanding crew. It is now unavailable due to damage sustained. [Bold type]Time[roman type] has put too much of a burden on the delicate instruments"
Thousand Lights Room"This is the scanning and computing lab. I'm using this to learn your language"
Second Station"This is the fore-hub of the rails. From here, you could travel to a lot of destinations. Many are inaccessible at the moment, though, due to damage or decay of the lines"
Crossroads"You are in a junction between the fore and the back-hub of the rails"
Train Station"This is the back-hub of the rails. It was once a very busy station, leading to the leisure and scientific areas"
Freezing Chamber"This is a warehouse. In here, specimens are kept under cryogenic environment[first time]. I suggest you wear something, Ektor Mastiff. It is very cold in here[only]"
LabTwo"The examination laboratory"
LabOne"This one is a living-specimen laboratory. Each case was once filled with bacteria or other alien lifeforms found along the [bold type]Arcadia[roman type]'s route"
Docks"To oblige me to open the docks, the Commanders had to override the [bold type]security[roman type] system protocols. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been possible for me to go on and kill the crew"
Hangar_N"The [bold type]nav-pod[roman type] is the fastest way to travel the [bold type]Arcadia[roman type]. You can enter it and command for destinations throughout the ship. Unfortunately, many hubs are clogged, unavailable or not reachable due to the [bold type]power[roman type] reserve mode"
Mixer"This is a commanding cabinet for the bow section of the ship. Here you can operate the rails between stations, the Observatory bulkheads, and all of the ship main functions"
Forebridge"You are in the very heart of the [bold type]Arcadia[roman type] commanding throne. If you need assistance using any of the systems, feel free to ask -- although most of the functions of the ship are now unavailable"
Commanders Quarters"You are the last commander of this ship, Ektor Mastiff. You may want to act like one. If I can I will try and help you in fulfilling your goals"
Hexagon"The many broken doors lead to the crew quarters. I suspect there is still someone trapped in there. Of course, no more living"
Belmont"This was the main artery of the ship, traffic being usually frantic in here. It connects the stations to the docks"
Hangar_S"The hatch to the south once led to the third station of the [bold type]Arcadia[roman type]. The stern of the ship is a place you should see. It has halls one hundred times larger than this one. Too bad much of it is powerless and unreachable"
Low_corr_N"This two, sitting here, were dead before I discontinued the [bold type]ELSS[roman type]. They turned to stone in the position thy had when they died. I suppose they were hugging each other"
Low_corr_NE"Part of the ship was designed [']on-the-go['] during its first installment. Some of the locations in it look ridiculously bad-placed due to the fact there was no actual plan before building them. When new areas were needed, they were built. And some, like this section of the corridors, were left like this [']just in case['], if you know what I mean. Guess the planner didn't find a purpose for them, in the end"
Stuck_Hyero"The objects you call the Hyerotropes are indeed very old. Traces of a [bold type]mythology[roman type] regarding them can be found in ancient scripts from Neulan written four-thousand years before the [bold type]Arcadia[roman type] left the planet"
Power Control Room"As you supposedly understood, this is a power cell. It can energize a large part of the bow section of the ship, but only for a limited time. The batteries are indeed almost over"
Low_corr_SS"It's hard to tell why they decided to make the ledge retractile; it's clear, though, that no living being could jump the gap when the ledge is closed"
Observatory Room"This was the relax area of the ship. Due to the limited amount of space, the Observatory was accessed after a quite long queue. All had the rights to be here, but sometimes you had to wait a month before finding a single vacant seat. The [bold type]Commanders[roman type] were thinking about asking for an entrance fee, but in the end they decided otherwise"
Clogged Railway"You are able to breathe in here due to the intervention of the [bold type]ELSS[roman type]"
Reliquary"I am fascinated by the nature of the objects you call the Hyerotropes. What puzzles me most is the matter-transforming device they put into effect as soon as they settle somewhere"
Worst Tunnels"[first time]The place is flooded. The pools in the section above must have collapsed. The lack of energy in the place forbids me to know what actually happened. [only]The AI hub is unreachable at the moment, from here. I suggest you find an alternate route"
Air Duct"This is a section of the conditioning system of the ship. Your destination lies ahead[first time]. Be warned, though: after going down from here, you won't be able to come back from the same route[only]"