Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 70 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 7 - Comments upon entering a room

After printing the locale description of an uncommented room (called the arrival):

if LOGAN is knowing and the arrival is a Location listed in the Table of LOGAN's comments:

now the arrival is commented;

say "LOGAN://'[Comment entry].'".

Table of LOGAN's comments

Chess Room"Lt. [bold type]Hesld[roman type] and Capt. Ttscy. Their bodies were the last to become inert. They wanted it this way"
Second Station"This is the sternbound hub for the railways of the [bold type]Arcadia[roman type]. I'm afraid that most of the routes are either clogged or powerless"
Hexagon"You can recognize the Commanders['] area by the unique shape of the rooms. Most are six-sided, like this one. Due to the power leakage, some of the doors have rested shut for so much [bold type]time[roman type] they are now useless. You can take the two still working to gain access to the Commanders['] Quarters, to the north, or the Forebridge, to the northwest"
Commanders Quarters"This has been a much livelier place, back in [bold type]time[roman type]. The table in the center of the quarters is a holographic projector. It was used by the crew to gaze at the stars, both for leisure and for study. You may wish to investigate it"
Train Station"You have reached the bowbound station of the ship. Again, most of the routes are unavailable"
Forebridge"This is where orders were given and plans designed. You are in the very heart of the [bold type]Arcadia[roman type] commanding throne. If you need assistance using any of the systems, feel free to ask -- although most of the functions of the ship are now unavailable"
Belmont"The tunnel leads to the docks. Let me open the [bold type]gate[roman type] for you, Ektor Mastiff"
MouthWhale"Welcome to the docks, Ektor Mastiff"
Docks"The mouth of the docks was opened the last day of the [bold type]Arcadia[roman type]. The [bold type]Commanders[roman type] asked for it, so that the external environment could fill the ship and put an end to all remaining life. The [bold type]ELSS[roman type] kicked back in action as you entered the ship. To oblige me to open the docks, the Commanders had to override the [bold type]security[roman type] system protocols. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been possible for me to go on and kill the crew"
Hangar_S"The hatch to the south once led to the third station of the [bold type]Arcadia[roman type]. Now, after the devastation of the docks, it is unusable"
Docks_S"During the large amount of [bold type]time[roman type] the docks have been left open, a lot of [bold type]debris[roman type] have drifted in here. The [bold type]gravitational[roman type] mass of the ship is enough to attract even medium-sized starships"
Stuck_Hyero"Scans indicate no activity from the vessel. Radiation: zero. Mass oscillation: zero. Input/output: zero"
Low_corr_NE"I'm afraid this is the end of the tunnel. There is no other way than going back. I suppose this is the result of a bad mistake from the early stages of the ship's design"
Low_corr_SE"The ledge attached to the other side of the tunnel was built by some of the passengers after a meteorite pierced the hull on year three of the stranding of the [bold type]Arcadia[roman type]. It's hard to tell why they decided to make it retractile; it's clear, though, that no living being could jump the gap when the ledge is closed"
Reliquary"This is your [bold type]vessel[roman type], Ektor Mastiff. This is the only way you have out of this galaxy.'[paragraph break]But you don't listen. There's a voice in your head whispering deathly words.[paragraph break]'What for,' you ask yourself. 'This is just... just...'[paragraph break]LOGAN://'Unfortunately, it seems that the [bold type]corruption[roman type] has done too much damage to the ship. The object you call the [bold type]Hyerotrope[roman type] has sunk into the floor"
Radio"It seems that the object that has pierced the hull in this section of the ship has done its share of damage to the radioactive bars of the self-destruction engine. It seems you have to find an adequate substitute to power the sequence"
Freezing Chamber"This is a warehouse. In here, specimens are kept under cryogenic environment. The large container holds Specimen 6,725"
LabTwo"This laboratory was used to inspect dead specimens. It was forbidden to kill a creature or to perform pervasive tests on them that could cause injury or pain. I made sure it never happened"
Clogged Railway"This was another departing route for other sections of the ship. The damage rendered the place unusable"
Observatory Room"Look at the stars, Ektor Mastiff. That enormous flare is the omega [bold type]supernova[roman type]. It is about to reach our ship. It's sad that the most impressive force of nature is also so dangerous to all life species able to see it"
Mixer"I sense you already have been playing with the commands, Ektor Mastiff. Nice job, on your behalf"
Worst Tunnels"This was part of the main recycling area of the Arcadia. Through here, waste was taken to the disposing facilities and converted into edibles or other organic forms. As part of the ship has been destroyed by objects piercing its hull, the waste factory is now out of reach"
Central Processing Unit"This is where LOGAN is really stored. The interface you activated earlier is just one of the 300 terminals scattered throughout the ship. The [bold type]hovering[roman type] cube in front of you is where my CPU resides"