Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 75 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Part 9 - The Hint Menu

Chapter 1 - The Table of Potential Hints

Section 1 - The tables

Understand "walkthrough", "walkthru" as asking for hints.

Table of Potential Hints (continued)

"How do I leave the Shore?"Table of Shore Hints
"How do I leave the 'raft'?"Table of Raft Hints
"How do I get pass the gap in the wall?"Table of Gap Hints
"How do I open the blocked doors?"Table of Doors Hints
"How do I start the train?"Table of Train Hints
"How do I enter the room beyond the glass wall?"Table of GlassWall Hints
"How do I turn on the power?"Table of Power Hints
"What about the Freezing Chamber?"Table of Freezing Hints
"What about the cases in the laboratory?"Table of Cases Hints
"How do I pass the Crossroads?"Table of Crossroads Hints
"How do I pass the Crossroads, again?"Table of MoreRoads Hints
"What about the Thousand Lights Room?"Table of Logan Hints
"How do I operate the nav-pod?"Table of Pod Hints
"So, now I have to destroy the ship?"Table of Sequence Hints
"The sequence doesn't start. What shall I do?"Table of Bars Hints
"Grrrr. The bar is broken. Where do I find a working one?"Table of FindingBar Hints
"-.-['] Srsly. How do I charge the bar?"Table of Charging Hints
"Oops. Time is running out. Where to, now?"Table of Escape Hints
"What on Monarch is this thing? How do I get rid of it?"Table of Beast Hints
["Ok. Shall I escape, now?"Table of Ending Hints]