Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 88 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 12 - Table of Logan Hints

Table of Logan Hints

"What is this place?"
"Wait a sec, I have an idea."
"Wait two seconds, maybe."
"Fiat lux! Now what?"
"Did you check the viewscreen?"
"Did you check the table?"
"What's that beam?"
"Looks like a 3d scanner, right?"
"Feed something to the scanner."
"Try something... 'interesting.'"
"Put the disc you found in the wreckage on the table."
"It talks! Why not talk back?"
"You don't understand, right. Try again the viewscreen and the table."
"Is there a hologram on the table: examine it."
"Ok, what is that?"
"A galaxy, right. But I know. Tell someone who doesn't."
"Talk to LOGAN."
"Try 'LOGAN, <topic>'"
"Try telling LOGAN about the thing you see in the hologram."
"There's a new hologram."
"Hope you got it now."
"In case, just ASK LOGAN ABOUT <topic> or say 'LOGAN, <topic>' to talk to him."
"Phew, this was hard."