Andromeda Apocalypse - Extended Edition — 95 of 97

Marco Innocenti

Release 2

Section 19 - Table of Beast Hints

Table of Beast Hints

"You must escape."
"The wagon is not an option."
"Run south."
"Look for a way to kill it."
"No, attacking it is a bad idea."
"You can't retreat forever: time is running out."
"There is something... dangerous around, perhaps?"
"Ice! Try having the cold in the Freezing Chamber kill it."
"Bah. Of course: it survived there for ages."
"The supernova flare?"
"Guess it is well shielded."
"Then, if the big things won't work..."
"... Let's try with a small one."
"(Unless you made it escape earlier.)"
"Yes, the invisibe killer in the laboratory."
"Enter the lab, wait for the creature to enter and open the lit case."
"What are you saying? The Invisible Killer has gone? You let it free at the beginning of the game?!"
"This could mean you are stuck."
"But maybe not. Just find an alternate solution."
"Like solving it with a stunt."
"Get to the nosing ledge, in the Low Corridors."
"As soon as you are there, touch the pad to retract the ledge."
"Don't forget to open it back, later on."
"Ok, now run."