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Andromeda Awakening

  • Marco Innocenti
  • Science Fiction
Operating Systems
  • (ZCode)
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • iOs
  • Android
  • 17th Place - 17th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (2011)
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«Moving, glorious and fantastic.» – Chai Hai

The most important discovery in history. And then, the whole world goes crumbling down. Armed with but a computer and an expired railway ticket, how can one expect to save the day when the doomsday clock has begun ticking...?

Andromeda Awakening

Andromeda Awakening Andromeda Awakening Andromeda Awakening 

Andromeda Awakening Andromeda Awakening Andromeda Awakening 

About the game

Andromeda Awakening is the first chapter of the Andromeda Legacy Saga. Placed seventeenth in the IFComp 2011, it was then followed by the sequel, Andromeda Apocalypse, which won the competition the following year. From here, five sequels and prequels by many different authors have sprung, some currently in the works, and an entire geographical and historical ecosystem has come to life.

It is the story of Ektor Mastiff, a university researcher who, with his team, has recently made a shocking discovery on his home planet, Monarch in the KSF trinary system on the edge of the Andromeda galaxy. At first, the discovery has been kept secret due to its high level of social and political danger, but when Ektor’s close friend Professor Andy Re’s is found dead under mysterious circumstances, Ektor just has to take matters in hand and head towards the Scientific Committee, to divulge the atrocious secret once and for all. Unfortunately, the trip will not last long…

Will Ektor, armed only with an expired train ticket and a portable computer, be able to save the fate of the entire human race? And what lies – hidden for millennia – under the crust of the planet, ready to change the fate of the entire universe?

Andromeda Awakening is an Interactive Fiction game (what used to be called text adventures), created with Inform7 and playable on any platform through the use of a Z-machine interpreter.

It is available for FREE on ifdb.org and AndromedaLegacy.com, so it does not require any payment. Also on Itch.io it is available for free or through a free offer (starting from € 5). Each donation will help the author to produce other IFs and, why not, maybe one day close the trilogy (the ideas are already there, the time to make them a little less).

  • English
First Publication
  • 2011
Current Version
  • 3 (The Final Cut)
  • Creative Commons
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